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Pumice Substitute

Pumice Substitute

$25.99 Regular Price
$15.07Sale Price

3B Pumice Substitute polishes 3-4 times faster than than any other types of pumice.  

  • -Saves polishing time and can increase dental lab productivity.
  • -Odor-free and also gentle on hands.
  • -Cuts easier and faster and also produces a smooth finish.
  • -Our polishing pumice media efficiently removes imperfections

 and results in an outstanding finish.

  • -Perfect for polishing hard and soft types of metal/composite/

 soft reline/ acrylic material/and flexible denture partial.

  •  -Sold only by Benjamin Manufacturing Company.
  • Available in 15 pound - 25 pound - 50 pound
  • Also Available in Medium or Fine grit 
  • Shop our wide variety of buff wheels to suit your needs today as well! Discounts available for bulk orders!
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