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Welcome to Benjamin MFG. & Supply online website! 


MARCH 5TH 2024 UPDATE: Everyone, we luckily made it through winter mostly! New listings will be ongoing in April-May of 2024. We are excited to see what this year has to offer. This update center gets updated the most on this website, Please visit our Online store for the best offers of 2024! Personal coupon codes available upon request as always. WE ARE STILL ONE OF FEW WHO PUT PASSION IN OUR BUSINESS. NO MATTER WHAT.

Winter 2024 - We have a few updates. We want to thank everyone who has patronized with us so far this year and in the past. We are coming to an end of 2023. 2024 will surely bring some new HOT ITEMS! Keep checking back in the new year for new listings.

One thing we want to address starting and transitioning beginning November 17, 2023, No longer will there be PAPER copy's of MSDS or SDS sheets. Any one who will continue to demand and request a Safety Data Sheet or Material Safety Data Sheet must contact via EBAY messages prior to your order so we can now send copies through messages on there. 

And if you are a spam SEO site service, we still are not interested in your web designs or SEO services... You will still be ignored... (Update 3/5/24) it is truly amazing how much those waste their time attempting to contact for senseless services... email or by phone... 

Lastly, Our Phone numbers, Toll free and Main office are still very well active, If you call and do not leave a message, we will not be able to fully assist at all due to the amount of scam or computer robot calls. Leaving a message will ensure you will get a call back within 24 hours via business days. You can even text now either number! Data and standard rates apply.


Still on the roll to save you more $$$, be sure to stop back and check in on any major discounts and promotions throughout the year with new hot items added time to time! 

                        Sincerely yours,

                        Benjamin MFG. & Supply





We strive to provide you with the best quality products at the best price.  We also offer discounts up to 40% off our regular prices. 



Thanking you in advance for the opportunity to serve you. 

Compare & Save

Tired of overpaying for supplies that you aren't completely satisfied with?

Benjamin  Manufacturing & Supply will provide new customers or existing hot deals each month!  Savings will add up to a much bigger saving the more you purchase in bulk. Ask today for a coupon code before your order!!!

On Time Shipping

We get it, everyone wants their products in a timely manner, Benjamin MFG. & Supply provides 1 to 2 business days for shipping handling time to assure your items get to you on time, it then assists your practice or business to stay ahead of schedule for the next patient. 

Free Membership

To even improve our support and friendship with our customers, as a free membership login for our website. Upon being a member, our goal for you is to save $$$ and bench time with our products. Unbeatable prices are waiting on you today!

Looking for an item that is not listed on our website? Feel free to send us a messages through the contact us page about your inquire on a product that you are trying to search for. 

Benjamin Manufacturing & Supply

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Toll Free: 1800-982-0888

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